Dustin's Bible Reading in ASL!

I'm so PROUD of my son!!! His assignment was to do the Bible reading in American Sign Language Tuesday night, and he did such an excellent job! He practiced very hard for this, and I feel that it made Jehovah's heart glad. His reading was Matthew 6:5-15. This is how it is signed in ASL:

Vs. 5
Moving-on, when you all pray-pray-pray same as those hypocrites, don’t. Tend, your temple, Stand, pray-pray, outside road way, corner. (Person walks over) pray-pray *shout-out* Goal? (People look at me) I inform truth that (people look at me), quote, reward finish. More give reward? Less, full, don’t.
Vs. 6
You all pray, do-do? Your room inside, close door, private. Pray-pray converse. Your Father, look see. You, see nothing, cover. See, will reward give.
Vs. 7
Understand, pray story-story, same-same-same. Exaggerate same, people area not Jews?
*Shake head-no* You all pray exaggerate, imagine......will He focus, listen? *shake head-no*
Vs. 8
You all copy same, don’t. Why? You all need list-of-things, pray connect not-yet. God, your Father see, finish know.
Vs. 9
Your needs pray connect, what? Example, Our Father there Heaven, pray your name all over *look up* cherish, high honor.
Vs. 10
Your kingdom, go ahead control. Heaven area, earth area, your goals happen-happen-happen. Go ahead, actions goal success.
Vs. 11
Now, we need food. Pray you give out.
Vs. 12
We sin against you, owe. Pray forgive, same-same as them, sins against me, owe…..I finish forgive.
Vs. 13
Happen temptation, bring-to-me, weak, miss mark, don’t. Person miss mark awful, pull. Help-me, protect safe.
Vs. 14
Happen, people wrong-wrong sin against you. Suppose you all forgive? Your Father, there Heaven, see. You all wrong-wrong sin-sin against him. Will forgive.
Vs. 15
On the other hand, people wrong-wrong sin against you. Suppose you all forgive won’t. Your Father see (shake head-no). Your wrong-wrong sin against me, forgive won’t.


Elisabeth Braun said…
That's great! I'm in the Mandarin field myself and it is said that British Sign Language (BSL) has the same syntax as Mandarin Chinese!!! I can't sign beyond finger spelling though, but even that comes in handy here and there.=)