American Sign Language Convention

Photo above: Tactile signing done by deaf-blind brothers and sisters.

I have often talked about my experience at the July 2006 ASL Convention in Plant City, FL, and now I finally have had a chance to scan photos and upload them to my Flicker Photo Album. The highlight of this convention was seeing my son, Josiah, getting baptized!! He also had a part on the convention discussing his spiritual goals. It was amazing to see him signing his answer. The special thing about all of this is the fact that my family is very new to ASL. The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society sent a letter to congregations in the Augusta area about a Sign Language course that was being offered in the effort of having an ASL congregation. The class consisted of Elders, Ministerial Servants, and Regular Pioneers. Our graduation date was December 2005. We were moved into the ASL group & given our Sign Language assignments-territroy. The class was very fast paced....sometimes stressful, yet highly rewarding. Each day, I would come home and teach my children the things that I learned to prepare them for being in the ASL group I did not want to be at the meetings enjoying the spiritual feast and my children miss out. It was important that they learned the language to be well fed, as well. I am proud of how excellent they have learned ASL!!! They are now giving talks on the Theocratic Ministry School in full sign. Josiah is now baptized (ASL convention), and now the twins are studying and making it their goal for baptism. They each accompany me in the Sign Language ministry, and when they are on vacation (from homeschool), they are with me in the missionary work

The photos in my album are photos of our ASL Convention. To attend the convention, we have to drive many miles. We live in Augusta, GA (USA), and we drive to Plant City, FL (USA). It is worth every mile!


Hilary Gerhardt email---- said…
Hi! My name is Hilary, I'm 17, and I'm in the Pinellas Park Sign Language Congregation. So cool to find your blog and see all the cool pictures from the convention. Can't wait, our convention is this weekend!!! AHHHH!!!! Can you believe it? So excited. Then going to pioneer school on August 4th! So so so so so excited. =) Anywhoodles, can't wait til this weekend, maybe I'll see you around. =) warm christian love, hil <3
Hello Hilary!

What a JOY it was to receive your message!! It is so exciting to meet another JW signer! How did things go for you in pioneer school?!! I would love to hear all of the goodies! Did you take a class photo? I can't wait to hear from you and look forward to meeting you one day in person!

Take care, my dear, and sending (((((hugs))))) your way!

Warm Christian Love,