Sea of Subconsiousness

Decided that I would experiment a bit with printmaking. Boy, did I have fun!!! Here is my new creation. I created it making a collagraph plate. (See image A, below) This was done by drawing a design onto cardboard, and gluing fabric to the design with Golden semi-gloss gel to create texture.

(Image A) - collagraph plate / (Image B) - stencils

Afterwards, I drew and cut out designs on cardstock that was coated with Golden semi-gloss glue. These were to serve as stencils for additional designs on my collagraph plate & printing. (See image B, above)

To prepare the papers for printing, the paper was put in a large tub of water, then taken it out and placed it in a large piece of vinyl to aid in keeping all of the sheets slightly damp.When you are ready to print, get a towel and blot the paper to be sure that it is not too wet. I painted the plate (and stencils, which were arranged on the plate), and place the paper above the plate. The plate goes through the press, and voila! You have a beautiful print. This is an abbreviated post. Creating the plate is pretty labor intensive, but well worth it when you see the results of the print.