What I'm Up To: Creating Sign Language Worksheets and Board Games

Every Wednesday, I teach American Sign Language at our local library. [Diamond Lakes Branch Library *photo above*. Click here for info about this lovely library]: http://www.ecgrl.org/diamondlakes.htm

The books that we study are:

-Learning American Sign Language by Tom Humphries and Carol Padden (Book/DVD)
-From Mime to Sign (Book/DVD)
-(DVD) Mouth Morphemes

As an aid to students in their study of ASL, I create worksheets and vocabulary illustration pages. (Many thanks to ASLUniversity.com for the use of their fine step-by-step illustrations!)

As a fun way to review the things learned, I create cards and board games. Here are a few samples:

The group enjoy them and we all have a ball!!! Fun gifts and prizes are also given. This month, we had a goodie night. Families brought delicious food, and we played the SignWriting Memory Game. When I get the film developed, I will share photos here.